Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

4083 Yager Road, McMinnville TN 37110

Luther Rose

God's people celebrate their joy in many ways.

We celebrate in our worship services.

We come to worship God on Sunday mornings, on weekday evenings, and on special occasions. This enables us to hear His Word, through which we receive His Grace and through which the faith we receive through His Grace is strengthened. In our divine services we acknowledge our sins and repent of them. We receive forgiveness through absolution and through Holy Communion, which we frequently celebrate. Our liturgy derives from the Jewish liturgy used when Jesus Christ was on Earth in human form. The First Christian Church adapted it to include the Gospel, the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies. Thus, our liturgy contains elements of the Old Testament as well as those early additions reflecting the New Testament. Follow this link to see what special services we have done.

We celebrate by hearing the Word of God proclaimed.

We receive the Word through sacrament, by hearing it read aloud, and by hearing it explained in sermons. “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” [Romans 10:17, ESV] Follow this link to read sermons that have been preached at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.

We celebrate with music.

Lutherans love music. We use it in our liturgy, we sing hymns and choral pieces, and we sing at our fellowship gatherings. "Make a joyful noise, unto the Lord", the Bible tells us. Martin Luther wrote many hymns we still use. Some of those were set to folk tunes of his time because he liked the way the tunes sounded and worked with the lyrics he provided. "Why should the Devil get all the good tunes?", he is reputed to have asked. Follow this link to a page that provides scores, lyrics, and MP3 soundtracks of hymns in the public domain. You may enjoy them online or download them, but see the notes at the head of that page.

We celebrate through fellowship.

The members of a congregation are Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We share with each other our joys as well as our sorrows. Members of the First Christian Church used to follow their services with a shared meal. We do likewise with a snack between our service and Sunday School hours. And we frequently sit down together for congregational dinners, prepared by members of the Congregation. Some of those are merely periodic dinners and some of those are keyed to special events in our church year. Garrison Keillor has spoken often of our potluck dinners featuring molded salads and hotdishes. But many other comestibles will be found on our table. And, of course, coffee will be available! Follow this link to see evidence our fellowship events and to peruse recipes for some of the items served there.

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