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Reformation Day 1010


On October 31, celebrated in the Church as Reformation Day, the congregation held a potluck dinner. The suggested theme for the food was German and Scandinavian cuisines, in honor of the original strongholds of the Reformation Movement.

October 31 is the generally accepted day in the year 1517 on which Martin Luther, a Roman Catholic friar, posted a list of topics he suggested for discussion by the Roman Catholic church clergy. Since church theology and administrative matters were discussed in Latin at that time, Luther’s list of topics, known as his “95 Theses”, were written in Latin. They were meant to be read and understood by clergy, not by the common people. He posted them on the door of All Saints’ Church, the Castle Church in Wittenberg, which served as a bulletin board at the time. Luther intended to reform the church, not to cause a schism. Much later, when the proposed discussion resulted in a theological schism, those 95 Theses were translated into German so that non-clergy could read and understand them.

The worship service this morning included the readings Revelation 14:6–7 and Romans 3:19–28, as well as the Gospel reading John 8:31–36. Pastor's sermon was based on the latter two, especially, and used those readings to why Martin Luther felt the sale of indulgences by Pope Leo X was contrary to God’s Word. Hence, the reason Martin Luther posted his theses. In Sunday school the adults studied Article XX (“Faith and Good Works”) of the Unaltered Augsburg Concord, the document written, largely by Philipp Melanchthon in 1530, as a presentation by Luther’s group to Emporor Charles V in order to state the Lutheran viewpoint in the intended discussion with Pope Leo's group.


Fortunately, we worship and engage in fellowship these days in our everyday spoken language, instead of Latin. And of course food is an international language, available in many interesting “dialects”. So, some of the dishes enjoyed at this dinner were Sauerbraten mit Spätzle (vinegar-marinated beef with noodles) and Zwiebelkuchen (onion pie). Those were well “understood” by the entire crowd! Check our recipe files for these and other dishes!

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Reformation Day Dinner Photo Gallery

First, we brought in the food.

Next we designated Pastor McMinn an Honorary Scandinavian and tested the food.

Then, a grace having been said, we dug in!

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